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As we will send you emails when you order or about your account from time to time, please add @foodtoyourdoor.co.uk to your safe sender’s list on your email so these reach you.

You can have several different types of user profiles with Food to Your Door. This is so we can better manage orders and offer a better service, you currently have:

What does this mean?


This is the first account anyone gets when they register, this is a standard account and means you can only order and pay with PayPal or online payment. This is because some people think it’s really funny to play pranks on their friends by ordering them food they never wanted. What they are actually doing is hurting companies like us. So, in order to stop this from happening the very first time you order it can’t be cash.

Existing Customer

So, when you have made your first order and we’ve become friends your account gets automatically upgraded and you can now order online and pay cash at the door.